4D Brain (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) takes the following approach in terms of the protection of customers’ personal information. Our company conforms to privacy laws and regulations and the other norms for personal information and makes every possible effort to protect customers’ personal information.

1. Definition of “personal information”
Our company defines “personal information” as below.
Address, name, age, telephone number, date of birth
, ID, password, email address
and other information that can be used to identify a particular individual.

2. Acquisition of personal information
Our company acquires personal information only by legal and fair means and not by unlawful means. Basically, the information is acquired with the intent of the customer via registration.

3. Purpose of utilization of personal information
When our company utilizes personal information, we clearly specify its purpose. Also, only the range of information necessary to accomplish that purpose will be utilized.

4. Management of personal information
In response to leakage, loss, falsification or any other unlawful act in relation to the personal information we hold, our company will take appropriate measures and make every possible effort to improve our safety measures.

5. Disclosure of personal information
There are occasions where our company discloses the personal information that we acquire to a third party.
1. When we have the agreement of the information provider.
2. When disclosure is requested by public organizations such as the courts or the police and formal procedures have been followed according to a court judgment or order.
3. When disclosure is required to protect human life, health and property.

6. Amendment and deletion of personal information
When requested by the customer, our company will amend or delete the personal information after verifying the identity of the requester.

7. Revision of the privacy policy

In order to protect personal information, our company may revise part or all of the privacy policy. In that case, our company will make an effort to inform customers in a clearly comprehendible way.